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AbulEdu single-station version

Created under the responsibility of Ryxeo, a new single-station version of AbulEdu called AbulEdu DVD Live 11.08 was recently released. It's well adapted to an installation on a single computer (hence its name) or for being used without an installation, for instance at home.

It can be found as a launchable DVD which can eventually be installed later on, on the hard drive of one's computer.

This DVD-rom offers several opportunities, such as :

  • testing the Linux part of AbulEdu ;
  • surfing safely through the internet (thanks to the AbulEdu web-filter), especially for minors using this DVD ;
  • connection to the school-server (from home for instance) in order to get one's evening home-work or to read private mails ;
  • installation of a AbulEdu client-computer on a server.

Four different levels (called “profiles”) can be found on this DVD, and for each of them the following eduapps :

  • A word processor and desktop publisher complete suite (text, spreadsheet program and impress)
  • Multimédia (including images and audio);
  • Graphism and drawing ;
  • Mail ;
  • Secure internet browsing ;
  • Webmail software ;
  • The GCompris educational suite (with more than a hundred game-oriented activities)
  • Educational applications : smart games as well as for fun.
  • And above all educational applications prepared by a team of dedicated teachers, the Terrier suite :
    • in mathematics (numbers and calculation), geometry and space referencing ;
    • as well as reading, writing, recording and practising languages.

Each of these applications is given in its most recent version when the DVD is released, based on Ubuntu GNU/Linux.

In order to use this DVD, it is necessary to use a computer with a memory of at least 512 Mb, and a DVD reader, and to have it launched with this reader.


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